Shipyard Maintenance In Dubai

Shipyard Maintenance in Dubai
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationFujairah, Dubai
Crane TypesWire Rope Luffing Deck
Crane ManufacturerMacGregor
Crane ModelsGLB 3628-2/28GR

Alatas Middle East was contracted to carry out shipyard maintenance in Dubai aboard a client’s vessel docked in Fujairah. Our experienced engineers performed critical maintenance and load tests to 4x wire rope luffing MacGregor GLB 3628-2/28GR deck cranes.

During an inspection of the deck cranes, the Alatas engineers spotted loosened slewing fasteners which required re-tensioning. The team also identified the boom heel pins having excessive wear and the assembly required replacing, too.

Alatas Middle East arrived back at the shipyard site with all the required equipment and spare parts required to rectify the issues, saving the client time and money.

Job Scope

  • Tensioning for all cranes’ internal and external slewing fasteners 
  • Found heavily worn and bearing cutting groves into pin on all four cranes. The grooved boom pins made removal difficult.
  • Housings cleaned, visual inspection carried out and installed with new bearing assembly.
  • Crane #2 inner plate remained round but supplied sleeve was slack in the inner plate. An oversized sleeve was fabricated and Crane #3 was machined back to round. The oversized sleeve was fabricated to allow correct fitting of sleeves.
  • Boom heel housings painted after installing back onto boom section to prevent corrosion.
  • All four cranes were installed with new boom heel pins.
  • Installed new lock plates with new bolts and washers with bolts torqued to 335Nm.
  • All cranes, inner and outer slew bolts tension checked.
  • Load testing of all 4 cranes


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