Ro/Ro Ship Elevator Troubleshooting

Ro/Ro ship elevator troubleshooting
Alatas ServiceField Service, Workshop Repairs
LocationTersan Shipyard, Yalova
Equipment TypeElevator, Steep Wire Rope

An engineer from Alatas Turkey was sent to attend this Ro/Ro ship elevator troubleshooting. The Ro/Ro (roll-on/roll-off) cargo ship was docked at the Tersan Shipyard, Yalova, and Alatas Turkey were the chosen service provider by the client to troubleshoot on a lock failure on the 5th floor door of the ship’s elevator.

Initial troubleshooting onboard Ro/Ro ship

The Alatas engineer began the inspections by opening the 5th floor door by force as they found the door wing and door frame were rubbing against each other. Next, our expert performed floor-to-floor cruise control with the elevator and determined that the elevator car failed to slow down between the 4th and 5th floors, which caused the car to make a sudden stop.

Our engineer found a decrease in the oil level of the gear oil and the oil was expired. They noted that others had made the mechanical settings of the lock, so the necessary settings were made and checked for the floor-to-floor cruise control.

Further repairs in the field and the workshop

Our engineers removed the old wires from pulleys and then installed the chain block system in the elevator shaft. Then a detailed cleaning and maintenance of the pulley and gear house was performed.

The engineer then replaced the elevator O rings and the elevator pulley was transferred to the Alatas Turkey Workshop, where our team repaired it and carried out maintenance.

The optical sensor which signals to decelerate the car was not in place of the opposite metal flag. So our engineers installed a metal flag made and mounted it in the correct position.

Adjustments made according to the comfort and floor level and were given to the service. With the slowdown command activated, the ship’s chief officer tested the elevator to conclude the work.

Job Scope

  • Attendance to the vessel.
  • VG 460 Gear oil Renewal
  • Steel wire Renewal
  • Elevator maintenance
  • Gearbox O-ring renewal
  • Bearing inspected
  • Gearbox inspected.
  • Gearbox ventilation cleaning
  • Sheave maintenance.
  • Load test


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