Rope Sheave Bearing Replacement

Alatas ServiceField Service
Crane ManufacturerLiebherr
Crane ModelCBB 60(40)/16(28.5)

The vessel is equipped with two CBB 60(40)/16(28.5) Liebherr 60T cranes and one required a rope sheave bearing replacement. Crane-1’s hoisting rope sheave bearing had failed and also damaged the sheave pin.

Alatas Singapore was tasked to procure a new pin and Teflon spacers and carry out the sheave repairs at anchorage; working around the clock to deliver for the client.

Job Scope for Rope Sheave Bearing Replacement

  1. Delivered spare parts:
    1x fabricated rope sheave pin
    2x Teflon spacers, tools and staging material on board
  2. Slacked Crane-1 hoisting and luffing wire ropes and removed hoisting wire from defective rope sheave
  3. Erected a hanging staging on top of the Crane-1 with slewing column around the Work Area 4. Welded distance brackets between rope sheave mounting plates to prevent distorting the plates during jacking-out of the rope sheave axle
  4. Jacking out rope sheave pin via hollow jack
  5. Not able to jack out pin, as it was already jammed. Instead, flame cut and gauge out the pin
  6. Cut the pin, removed cut pieces of pin and bearing and brought down rope sheave to the main deck for further repairs
  7. Cleaned and polished sheave bush and snap ring slots
  8. Replaced new bearing and brought up sheave to the crane slewing column top
  9. Installed repaired sheave, new pin and Teflon spacers back into location
  10. Put back hoisting wire rope and removed staging and all items
  11. Test all crane functions with various speeds to the satisfaction or the attending Superintendent Engineer

The repair was carried out successfully and on time and the crane was fully restored.


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