Replacement of Liccon Crane Control System

Alatas ServiceField Service, System Upgrades, Overload Test
Crane ManufacturerLiccon
Crane ModelDKII 180012/7033

Alatas Germany and Alatas Middle East have been awarded with the replacement of the Liccon crane control system with an Alatas Crane Control System for eight deck cranes.

The focus was on keeping the maximum of the existing hardware and adapt it to the new system. This was successful except for the joysticks and the input panel.

All sensors and actuators could remain as original. The project execution was to a vast majority done at voyage between the ports the corresponding vessel was calling.

Job Scope for Replacement of Liccon Crane Control System

  1. New HMI, CPU, I/O Modules
  2. New Controllers
  3. Alteration of Control Switch Cabinet
  4. Update of Crane Manuals

The subject project was an additional success for the Alatas Crane Control System which can be adapted to any crane application in safe and zone rated environments.

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