Rauma Brattvaag Deck Machinery Inspection

Alatas ServiceField Service
Vessel TypeBulk Carrier
Winch ManufacturerRauma Brattvaag
ModelsAnchor Winch: MWHA200-CU 102 U3
Mooring Winch: MWHA200

The job scope for this Rauma Brattvaag deck machinery inspection consisted of a Field Service team from Alatas Singapore attending a Bulk Carrier to carry out a pre-docking examination on the windlass. The work by our team of experts included looking at the overall condition of the system and the state of the windlass hydraulics, in addition to establishing the dry-dock repair specifications for the hatch cover systems.

The Alatas Windlass check-up follows our comprehensive, in-house designed deck machinery inspection checklist, which you can find out more about when you Contact Us.


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