Quadrennial Cargo Gear Survey in Singapore

Alatas ServiceField Service
Vessel TypeGeneral Cargo, Project Cargo
Crane ManufacturerMacGREGOR
Crane ModelGL 6020/5024/4030-2, SWL 60Ton
Special FeaturesCC3000 PLC control system with Team mode
(Twin crane mode 2x 60T)

The vessel is equipped with four 60T heavy lift cranes, capable of operating in Team mode for a combined lift of 120T. Alatas Singapore’s Field Service team were mobilised for this quadrennial cargo gear survey and overload testing.

Job Scope

This general cargo / project cargo vessel was staying at anchorage only for the duration of bunkering, so it was essential to complete the crane survey and the load testing in the shortest time possible. 

Alatas could guarantee this by using 100T size water bags that save time by, firstly, minimising the rigging and filling time and secondly, by deploying a senior MacGregor crane engineer for the crane inspection and function testing.

MacGregor Specialists at No Extra Cost

Whilst our Load Test Team arranged the waterbag provision and performed the overload testing, our specialist MacGregor crane engineer specialist carried out a detailed quadrennial cargo gear survey. This included a crane check-up and function testing, with testing of the hydraulic system, verifying the PLC functions and load and radius calibrations. 

In addition to the quadrennial cargo gear survey, a detailed crane condition report then was issued, containing all findings, recommendations, a load test protocol with measured values, and the load test certificate.

Offering load testing along with comprehensive crane condition assessments by a maker-qualified crane specialist is what sets Alatas load testing apart from other contractors who only provide test loads.

Our customers appreciate this value-added service, especially when it comes at no extra cost.

Job Gallery of Quadrennial Cargo Gear Survey and Overload Testing


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