Pusnes Windlass Repairs

Alatas Service: Field Service
Location: Singapore
Manufacturer: Pusnes
Model: 220 HW, 245 HW

Singapore Field Technicians called in for these Pusnes windlass repairs attended a vessel equipped with 220HW and 245 HW windlass mooring winches.

Customer reported that the port forward windlass claw coupling had cracked and that the bearing bushes of the main shaft of Port and Starboard mooring winches were damaged.

In order to carry out this major windlass repair, usually shipyard facilities and yard crane is needed, among others to lift the main shaft (estimated weight 5 ton) so that the bushes can be replaced.

Alatas had been informed by our customer that the vessel is on a tight schedule and cannot berth at a shipyard. Instead, the job had to be carried out at anchorage, at OPL (Outer Port Limit), and the time available is three days only.

Usually, we would have used the floating crane, but, since the floating crane rental cost is high if it is arranged at OPL, we proposed an economically viable solution. This solution was to lift-up the main shaft by using a specially constructed and modular A-Frame designed by Alatas, that can be assembled onboard without lifting aid.

Job Scope for Pusnes Windlass Repairs

  1. All the tools, equipment and A-Frame items were shifted from midship location to windlass
  2. Assembled and Placed A-Frame on top of forward starboard mooring winch location
  3. Instructed ship crew to remove the wire rope from the STBD mooring drum
  4. Fabricated the special tools and jacking out the capstan using hydraulic jack and A-Frame
  5. Removed winch end frame and mooring winch drum using A-Frame, bushes were found to be damaged
  6. Cleaned and inspected the main shaft, drum housing and capstan
  7. Machinist brought the new bushes onboard
  8. Alatas Machinist measured the main shaft and carried out machining of the new prefabricated bushes to final size
  9. Installed the fabricated new bushes and mounting frame, and adjusted the alignment using filler gauge
  10. Installed back the capstan as well as the dismantled parts to the main shaft
  11. Applied the grease to all greasing points
  12. Carried out function test and alignment check in the presence of Superintendent, Chief Officer and Chief Engineer. The starboard windlass finally found to be in a sound condition without any abnormal noise and vibration. Proceeded to the portside anchor windlass to replace the bushes and claw coupling
  13. Shifted the A-Frame and tools to the port side windlass
  14. Upon dismantling the drum, found that claw coupling was fully cracked
  15. Removed the cracked coupling, cleaned the main shaft and installed the new claw coupling
  16. Our machinist measured the main shaft and carried out machining of the new prefabricated bushes to final size and followed by the installation of mooring drum
  17. Installed back the capstan and other dismantled parts to the main shaft
  18. Applied the grease to all greasing points and carried out function test in the presence of Superintendent, Chief Officer and Chief Engineer
  19. Port windlass operation found to be satisfactory with smooth operation and there were no abnormal noise and no vibration
  20. Dismantled A-Frame, tools and other materials, arranged them properly for offloading

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