Palfinger Deck Crane Refurbishment

Alatas ServiceWorkshop Repairs
LocationHouston, Texas, USA
Crane TypeFoldable Knuckle Jib Crane
Ship Crane
Crane ManufacturerPalfinger
Crane ModelPK30002M

Alatas Americas recently performed a complete Palfinger refurbishment for a PK320002M foldable knuckle jib crane. The Palfinger deck crane is used on a government research vessel and was in poor condition due to corrosion and missing parts.

With Alatas’ global reputation of multi-disciplined engineers and the ability to work with an extensive range of crane types and manufacturers, we contacted to provide a full repair package of the client’s Palfinger PK320002M. Before beginning the Palfinger repairs, Alatas Americas arranged to remove the crane from the government research vessel and transport it to the Alatas Americas workshop in Manvel, TX USA, where we conducted the refurbishment to the foldable knuckle jib crane.

Job Scope

Please read through the full Job Scope for this Palfinger refurbishment below. Also, if you require assistance with your cranes in the US or worldwide, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Provide shipping from CA to Alatas in Houston
  • Tear down crane complete
  • Replace electric motor
  • Reseal all hydraulic cylinders & chrome
  • Rebuild for bearings & seals (CFR to issue anything additional:
    – hydraulic pump and hydraulic motors
    – slew brakes and gearboxes 
    – winch motor
    – winch brakes 
    – winch gearbox 
  • Drain hydraulic oil from hyd. Tank
  • Clean hydraulic tank and inspect – CFR to issue for anything additional
  • Renew all hydraulic filters
  • Provide new hydraulic oil
  • Reseal all control valves and provide new operators handles
  • Replace all other load-holding valves & pressure reliefs
  • Remove slew bearing and complete flatness check on bearing flanges
  • Renew all slew bolts
  • Renew all fasteners on the crane with the appropriate grade and material requirements
  • NDT all pins
  • Reseal hydraulic swivel (seals only) – CFR to issue for anything additional
  • Renew operators stand
  • Renew all hydraulic hoses & fittings
  • Renew electrical cabinet with SS cabinet
  • Renew all internal electrical components with exact replacements. If not available, then exact cross reference replacements
  • Rebuild hook & swivel as well as perform NDT
  • Renew wire rope
  • Assemble crane complete
  • Paint unit utilizing a 3 coat marine system – Palfinger Blue
  • Perform complete function test and video
  • Complete full load test at minimum, intermediate and maximum radius
  • Pack for shipping
  • Ship back to shipyard


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