NMF Crane Overload Testing

Alatas ServiceField Service, Overload Testing
Crane ManufacturerNMF
Crane ModelDKII 180012/7033

Alatas Singapore were appointed for this NMF Crane Overload Testing project.

Our client’s vessel carries project cargo and is equipped with two NMF DKII 180012/7033 heavy lift cranes. Both with a SWL of 180T at 12m.

The cranes can also operate as twin cranes for tandem crane lifts of up 360 ton.

Alatas was tasked to carry out the NMF Crane Overload Testing using waterbags and certified loadcell and issue a crane condition report, load test protocol and load test certificates.

Marine Crane Experts

As the worldwide leading marine crane specialist Alatas offers additional services during load testing that typically are not available from other load test providers. We are an Enterprise of Competence with IACS UR Z17 class approval for Survey, Repair and Testing of Lifting Appliance.

Overload testing is accompanied by one of our multi-disciplined crane engineers, who ensure that the tests will be conducted in a safe manner, following our detailed and approved crane load test procedures.

Job Scope for NMF Crane Overload Testing

  • Pre-inspection of crane structure, ropes, sheaves and blocks by a qualified crane engineer
  • Testing and adjusting of crane machinery & safeties, such as Limit switches, electric, electronic and hydraulic overload protection equipment
  • Verifying safe load indicators for rated and actual load indication, radius indication and correct alarm settings
  • Setting up the crane for overload testing, including by-passing of overload protection systems
  • Conducting the load test as per Alatas’ Load Test Protocol and Checklist
  • Recording of crane parameters, such as pressures for SWL and Proof Load via our Alatas Load Test Protocol
  • Resetting all safeties to SWL to ensure the crane is full overload protected
  • Taking samples of the hydr. Oil and of the slewing bearing grease for condition analysis
  • Measuring axial clearance of slewing bearings (rocking test)
  • (If required) Issuing ILO Form 2 and endorsing cargo gear logbook
  • Issuing a picture report with a summary of findings and recommendations, complete with Load Test Certificate and Load Test Protocol

Please contact [email protected] to receive a competitive load testing offer.

You can find more info at our dedicated load test website at alatasloadtesting.com


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