Overhaul of Peiner-Smag Hydraulic Grab

Alatas Service: Workshop Repairs
Region: Singapore
Manufacturer: PeinerSMAG
Model: EGF 24, 0-1, 25-12000

The Alatas Singapore Workshop inspected carried out an overhaul of a Peiner-Smag Hydraulic Grab.

After the dismantling of the hydraulic cylinder, our engineers found that most of the hardware was in good working order and was not in need of repair.

The barrel, piston head, the top gland and the 8 piston valves also passed our inspections. But the piston rod was found to have deep score and pitted marks and needed to be fixed. All cylinder seals were found to have hardened and needed to be replaced with a new set.

Job Scope for Overhaul of Peiner-Smag Hydraulic Grab

  • Full-length hard chroming of the piston rod 
  • Installation of the piston head to piston rod with new seals and Loctite on the thread
  • Installation of lock screw to lock the piston head in position
  • Replaced all seals on the piston head and top gland. Centre seal on piston head installed according to SMAG’s procedure
  • Installation of the piston rod and top gland to the barrel 
  • Clean hydraulic cylinder and painted with a coat of marine-grade primer 
  • Perform Function and Pressure tests on the fixed hydraulic cylinder 
  • Overhaul of hydraulic cylinder testing performed with satisfactory results

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