Overhaul to Appleton Offshore Crane

Location: Myanmar
Manufacturer: Appleton
Model: SB480-115
Alatas Service: Field Service

Alatas was called in for this overhaul to Appleton offshore crane stationed in Myanmar when a client’s SB480-115 developed a problem.

The boom was slowly creeping down under load, which our Alatas Senior Offshore Crane Engineer diagnosed as leaking piston seals. Our Parts Supply team supplied new seals sets, and Alatas Crane Services made arrangements to overhaul the luffing cylinders on board.

Solution for Overhaul to Appleton Offshore Crane

Under the Senior Engineer’s supervision, the luffing cylinders were removed from the crane and placed on the deck. The cylinder glands were opened with a special tool and the cylinders completely stripped down for inspection. As it turned out, the piston seals had disintegrated which confirmed the original assessment by our engineer.

New cylinder seal sets were fitted, the cylinders were assembled and installed back onto the crane. A function test and overload test was carried out with SWL x 1.25, and the crane again is fully functional and safe to use.

Job Gallery Overhaul to Appleton Offshore Crane


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