Overhaul of Lantec LWS800B

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Crane ManufacturerLantec
Crane ModelLWS800B

For this job, the Alatas Singapore Workshop was given the task the overhaul of a Lantec LWS800B scooping winch.

Our client delivered their Lantec scooping winch for the repairs and also an inspection – which comes as standard to any Alatas Workshop projects.

Inspection Before Overhaul of Lantec LSW800B

Before the overhaul of the Lantec LWS800B could begin, our team of expert engineers undertook and inspection.

The brake unit was in normal working condition with minor wear on surfaces of the seal. The lamella plates and spring set were also found to be in acceptable condition. After NDT testing on all bearing seating faces and gears, no cracks were found.

Despite the working condition of these components, they were replaced as part of the overhaul of the Lantec LWS800B.

The sealing surface of the main flange was found corroded and was in need of chroming. The wind clutch, 3rd stage inner ring gear and seals and were bearings were all found with minimum wear and would also be replaced. 

However, the inspection found the gear housing and gear assembly disintegrated and so the gear motor would need to be replaced.

Job Scope

Here are the steps we took to complete the repair of the Lantec scooping winch.

  • Reassemble drum to frame with new bolts and bearings
  • Complete planetary carrier assembly installed with new bearings
  • Brake unit installed with new brake seal kit
  • Reassembled gearbox with new gear oil as per specification 
  • Conducted pre-functioning test before load test with no issues found
  • Conduct load test together with 2x Sapura personal and result found satisfactory

Inspection of Lantec LSW800B

Re-assembly of Lantec LSW800B



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