Norsafe Lifeboat Davit Repairs and Load testing

Alatas Service: Workshop Repairs
Location: Singapore
Manufacturer: Norsafe AS
Model: H-30, AA2FM45

A Norsafe AS lifeboat davit (type H-30) was malfunctioning as the hoist winch had seized. Alatas Singapore was called in for these urgent Davit repairs including hydraulic troubleshooting.

It turned out that the AA2FM45 hydraulic motor had seized-up and one of the pistons was stuck in the barrel.

The motor with counterbalance valve was brought to Alatas’ specialist Hydraulic Workshop and rebuilt to a condition as-good-as-new using a new rotary group taken from an ex-stock A2FM45 motor.

After it was fully dynamically bench tested, the motor was delivered back to the vessel and installed overnight along with the repaired counterbalance valve.

The lifeboat davit then was fully function tested and load tested using water bags. Lifeboat launching and recovery operations were carried out successfully and the lifeboat davit was again certified operational.

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