NMF Crane Boom Removal And Replacement

NMF crane boom removal and replacement
Alatas ServiceField Service
Location Singapore
AssetContainer Ship
Crane ManufacturerNMF

A slim-line container vessel required this NMF crane boom removal and replacement after its Crane 2 suffered collision damage on its boom.

The boom needed to be repaired quickly or the vessel would drop out of its charter. Alatas Singapore mobilised a floating crane and barge transport and removed the boom at Singapore anchorage for repair ashore.

The boom was ready for overhauled four days later, just in time for the vessel’s return journey. It was installed at anchorage, again using floating crane assistance. Then the crane was assembled, function tested and successfully overload tested in the presence of the Class surveyor.

A contributing factor to our speedy installation onboard was the utilisation of professional rigging equipment to remove and re-reeve the wire ropes where a hydraulic spooling machine was used.


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