Mitsubishi Crane Hoist Winch Replacement

Mitsubishi crane winch replacement
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Crane ManufacturerMitsubishi

This Mitsubishi crane winch replacement a of hoist winch was carried out at Banjarmasin Anchorage in Indonesia.

The deck crane was experiencing a hoisting problem as the winch was not moving during hoisting as well as an abnormal sound coming from the mechanism.

Job Scope for Mitsubishi Crane Winch Replacement

  • Hydraulic pressure of hoisting winch and brake pressure checked, found to be OK
  • Hoisting motor and brake removed 
  • Some very dirty gear oil found containing metal particles. Hoist winch drum was found not to turn 
  • Gearbox transferred from Crane 2 to Crane 4
  • Crane was not able to use boom rest due to cargo operations, boom secured alternatively by the crew Gearbox transferred from Crane 2 to Crane 4 
  • Oil levels topped up, and air removed from the system. Crane 4 function tested successfully
  • Damaged hoisting winch removed for repair


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