MHI Jib Steel Repairs

MHI jib steel repairs
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationPort of Long Beach, USA
Crane ManufacturerMHI
Crane Model30T X 24M deck crane

Our client required MHI boom jib repairs to their vessel located at the Port of Long Beach, California, USA.

The Americas Field Service team who operate on west coast of USA removed the No.2 crane’s jib to carry out repairs fitted the jib back into place and performed overload test with Class NK approval.

Phase 1: Removal of MHI Boom Jib

  1. No.2 crane jib was removed at Dock # 206, Port of Long Beach, CA
  2. Removed all limit switches of Hoisting and Luffing
  3. Removed both hoisting and luffing wire ropes together with crews
  4. Keep both wire ropes on STBD side of vessel on deck. Both wires are needed for fitting back again after completion of repair of jib
  5. Removed jib and jib bearing housing bolts
  6. Removed jib by using crane #1 and keep it on top of #2 cargo hold for repair
  7. Crews are secure the jib for sailing to Port of Kalama, WA

Phase 2: MHI Jib Steel Repairs

  1. Alatas Team repair the jib at Port of Kalama, WA
  2. Cut off the damaged part of the jib
  3. Welding new fabricated replacement part jib structure by Alatas Team
  4. After cooling down, NDT test and UT test the structure witness of Class NK

Phase 3: Reinstallation of Jib

  1. Installation of jib back to #2 crane after repair of jib and checked by Class NK.
  2. Install jib back in place
  3. Install of both Hoisting and Luffing wire ropes
  4. Adjustment of limit switches of Hoisting and Luffing.
  5. Preparation of overload test for the crane. Adjusted the pressure to 225 bar to lifting up overload test of 35 tons capacity

Phase 4: Testing

  1. Overload testing with the witness of Class NK surveyor
  2. Filled up the water bag up to the weight of 35 tons
  3. Checked by Class NK surveyor and confirmed
  4. Testing hoisting up and down, slewing left and right, luffing up and down with a load of 35 tons as per Class NK surveyor
  5. Adjust back the pressure 210 bars
  6. Keep all water bag and load cell.
  7. After completion of overload test, check the jib repair part by NDT and UT inspection again by Alatas Team.
  8. NDT and UT test the welded part on jib after completion of 35 tons overload test
  9. No abnormality found and good condition. 
  10. Submit NDT and UT test report separately


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