MacGregor Sheave Changeout in Singapore

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ModelGLB3628-2/2828gr 2012 Cargotec Crane

For this MacGregor sheave changeout in Singapore, the Alatas team stationed nearby was called out to a bulker vessel equipped with four 2012 MacGregor GLB3628-2/2828gr Cargotec cranes.

When the cranes are used extensively in heavy-duty grab operations, the accumulated stress begins to show in crane component failures – especially the rope sheaves on the jib head tend to fail prematurely.

Alatas Singapore is called out for more and more jobs to replace rope pulleys on the boom head in situ. Our experienced team of Crane Engineers and Fitters complete this task in the shortest time possible.

No-fuss equipment repairs

We achieve these short turnaround times by supplying our own rope sheaves, rope sheave bearings and rigging gear such as A-Frames, chain blocks and air hoists.

Furthermore, defective rope sheaves can be overhauled and repaired in Alatas Specialised Workshops with an overnight turnaround; working 24/7 around the clock to keep downtime to a minimum.


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