MacGregor GL2524-2 Slewing Bearing Change out

MacGregor GL2524-2 slewing bearing change out
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationMiddle East
Crane ManufacturerMacGregor
Crane ModelGL2524-2

Alatas Middle East was requested to undertake a MacGregor GL2524-2 slewing bearing change out.

An Alatas workforce mobilised quickly to minimise downtime. Once the vessel was secured in the port to carry out the job site assessment and the panning of the heavy lift.

Job scope for MacGregor GL2524-2 slewing bearing change out

  1. Mobilisation of personnel
  2. Mobilisation of one 200t and one 400t mobile crane
  3. Removal of slew gearboxes
  4. Disconnection of electric slip ring unit
  5. Hookup of the heavy-lift cranes
  6. Removal of slew bearing bolts
  7. Separation of the crane from its foundation
  8. Resting of the crane on the quayside
  9. Cleaning of slew bearing flange
  10. Flatness check of slew bearing flange
  11. Installation of crane and associated components
  12. Commissioning, testing and handing over to operation


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