MacGregor Deck Crane Inspections Tuzla

MacGregor Deck Crane Inspections Tuzla
Alatas ServiceField Service, Inspections
LocationTuzla Shipyard, Turkey
Vessel TypeSelf-sustaining Cellular Container
Crane TypeShip Cranes
Crane ManufacturerMacGregor
Crane ModelsLC4526.5/4029.5-2

Alatas Turkey was contracted for this MacGregor deck crane inspection in Tuzla. MacGregor deck crane specialists from Alatas conducted this condition inspection on two self-sustaining cellular container vessel’s Crane 1 and 2.

As part of Alatas’ global Merchant Shipping Field Services, a Senior Service Technician led the team, which took two days to inspect, assess and provide recommendations to the ship to improve the operational efficiency of their ship cranes.

Inspection Findings

The Alatas technicians found the two cranes to be generally in good condition. Oil and filter change dates were available for Crane 1 but not for Crane 2.

An oil leak was observed in the solenoid valve on Crane 1. And on Crane 2, another oil leak was observed in the pressure sensor of the luffing pump. Rust was seen on the boom pin outer tower connection bolts, and corrosion was also seen on the boom piston pin.

Alatas Turkey Engineer Recommendations

Oil and filter change for Crane 1 and 2
Oil and filter changes are essential for the health and longevity of the hydraulic system.

Daily and weekly maintenance by ship’s crew
Daily and weekly maintenance are important for the smooth and trouble-free operation of the machine and for the problems that may occur to be detected & intervened before they grow.

Maintenance and Working Hours Catalogue  
It is essential to carry out maintenance on time and according to the manufacturer maintenance catalogue. This document stipulates different maintenance and special operations at each maintenance hour.

Clean grease and fabric found in the electric switch cabinet
Oil and flammable substances in electrical cabins can cause a fire.

Oil cooler tower connection points sealed
When there is oil leakage at the oil cooler connections, it is necessary to change the seals due to possible malfunctions.

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