MacGregor Bulker Crane Changeout

Alatas ServiceField Service
Location Singapore
Crane ManufacturerMacGregor
Crane ModelGLB 3628-2/2828gr

This MacGregor bulker crane changeout is for a generation of MacGregor GLB 3628-2/2828gr bulker cranes that suffer frequent failures relating to jib head rope sheave bearings, especially at the boom head’s rope sheave assembly. The owner of

Alatas routinely carries out rope sheave replacements and our experienced team of engineers ensure this fix is complete in the absolute shortest possible time.

Our specially designed adjustable A-Frame enables us to keep operational downtime to a minimum – helping our clients save money.

Bearings supplied from Alatas stock and sheaves can be re-sleeved in the Alatas workshop which works out as a fraction of the cost of a new sheave.


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