MacGregor Boom Hinge Change out

MacGregor boom hinge change out
Alatas ServiceField Service
Crane ManufacturerMacGregor
Crane ModelGLB 3028-2/2428GR

Alatas Singapore completed this MacGregor boom hinge change out for a cargo vessel. 

Our team of Field Specialists arrived aboard with the necessary documentation for the hot work that was required.

The Alatas Specialists led a toolbox talk and consultation with the Captain and Chief Engineer to discuss the Job Scope and risk assessment.

Job Scope for MacGregor Boom Hinge Change Out

  1. Hot work permit granted at 12:00h
  2. Park the crane on the boom rest and slacken hoisting and luffing wire rope
  3. Erection of the scaffolding at left side boom hinge area was arranged 
  4. Set up the rigging equipment at the specified lifting points and preparation of tools
  5. Verification of spare parts on board which had been arranged by owners
  6. Heat the sides of the pin in order to remove rusted particles and paints.
  7. Weld a jacking nut at centre of the pin and weld pad eyes to secure the boom hinge assembly with rigging gears
  8. Jack out of the pin @ 400 bar
  9. Remove boom hinge mounting bolts using torque multiplier
  10. Bring down the hinge pin and left side boom hinge bearing assembly
  11. Strip out the boom hinge bearing assembly and carry our cleaning work
  12. Assemble bearing housing assembly with following owner supplied spares:
    Bearing Housing Assembly: Part No: 3,4,5,6,9,10,11 and 12.Brought up the bearing housing assembly.
  13. Installed the boom hinge and pin with following owner supplied spares
    Jib Bearing Assembly: Part No. : 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8
  14. Install new boom hinge mounting bolts and torqued the mounting bolts using with torque multiplier (60.75 Nm by torque wrench x 26 by the multiplier = 1580 Nm).
  15. Grease the pin was carried out and confirmed that the boom hinge has properly greased by confirming grease comes out the boom hinges
  16. Applied following torque values:
    Part #6: 235 Nm
    Part #10: 235 Nm
    Boom mounting bolts 1580 Nm)
  17. Remove the rigging equipment and pad eye on the boom hinge
  18. Test crane #1 boom up/down and no abnormal sound was observed from the boom hinge bearing.


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