Luffing Rope Replacement Scotland

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationMontrose, Scotland
Vessel TypeCargo
Equipment TypeDeck Crane
ModelCBB 250

Our client required a luffing rope replacement in Scotland when they found damage to the luffing rope of one of their vessel’s Liebherr CBB 250 deck cranes. For the work, Alatas UK mobilised two Service Technicians and one Senior Service Technician to the ship being held at Montrose.

There was some uncertainty about when the client wanted to perform the maintenance on the Liebherr CBB 250 due to external circumstances causing delays to the vessel anchoring in Montrose. However, we ensured that our experienced technicians were flexible and available to work on the luffing rope replacement when the client was ready.

Alatas Solution

Alatas UK produced a work scope to perform the luffing rope changeout before the vessel was anchored and shared it with the client. This document was created using all the information available to the Alatas UK team, having not worked on the ship or its cranes before.

The method initially suggested by Alatas UK in the work scope was flexible as it was only once onsite onboard the vessel that they could determine what could be possible to complete the work on schedule and to the highest standard.

Alatas UK had to be responsive as essential equipment was not readily available on deck or at Montrose. So this meant a new method to carry out the job had to be engineered and communicated with the client at short notice.

Working closely with the onboard crew and 3rd parties in Scotland, the luffing rope replacement was carried successfully. Alatas UK completed the job to the high standards expected of Alatas Worldwide Crane Services.

If you require maintenance to ship cranes in Scotland or anywhere in the world, please Contact Usand we will direct you to one of our global service stations.


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