Luffing Cylinder Bearing Liebherr CBW Repairs

Alatas ServiceField Service, Parts Supply
Crane ManufacturerLiebherr
Crane ModelCBW 32(40)/28LS, SWL 40T + SWL 32T,
Grab ManufacturerPeiner-SMAG
Grab ModelEGF 24.0-1.25-12000

A client’s bulker required luffing cylinder bearing repairs on Liebherr CBW 32(40)/28LS deck cranes with a capacity of SWL 40T in hook operation and SWL 32T in grab operation. The grab in use is a radio remote controlled grab, make SMAG Peiner, type EGF 24.0-1.25-12000.

The crew reported noise emanating from the luffing cylinder bearing when operating the crane boom with a fully loaded grab. An Alatas Liebherr Crane Engineer was called out to investigate and determined the problem to be a damaged luffing cylinder foot hinge bearing assembly.

Alatas arranged its experienced Afloat Repair Team, with the provision of scaffolding, tools and equipment to carry out the cylinder foot bearing change out at anchorage.

As so often with similar failures, the faulty spherical bearing also caused irreparable damage to the hinge pin. The pin had to be gauged out and replaced as well.

As these cylinder bearing failures occur more often, Alatas keeps stock of complete Cylinder Pivot Bearing Repair Kits, Liebherr Part Nr. 918508714.

Each kit consists of the proper maintenance, free spherical bearing, hollow pin, bushes and accessories.


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