Loose Lifting Gear Inspections

Loose Lifting Gear Inspections
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationGulf of Mexico
Equipment Type Ship Handling Equipment
Lifting Davits + Loose Lifting Gear

A client called in Alatas Americas to attend their ship in the Gulf of Mexico. Load tests on their Lifting Davits and Loose Lifting Gear inspections were required per 5 Yearly Maritime Regulations.

The Alatas Americas Field Service Technicians mobilised to Client Vessel in the Gulf of Mexico to complete the following scope of load testing of Ship Davits and loose lifting equipment inspections.

Job Scope

  • Load Testing of Oil Lube Davits Port and Stbd Side
  • Load Testing of Steering Gear Davit
  • Load Testing of I.G Deck Seal Davit
  • Load Testing of Forecastle Davit
  • Load Testing Of Ship Lifting Equipment


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