Linde Hydraulics Pump & Valve Repairs

Linde Hydraulics Pump & Valve Repairs
Alatas ServiceWorkshop Repairs
LocationHouston, USA
Equipment TypePump
ManufacturerLinde Hydraulics
Pump ModelHPR
Valve ModelVT

Alatas Americas were asked to repair pumps and valves manufactured by Linde Hydraulics. The HPR pumps and VT valves sent to the Alatas Houston workshop for repairs were experiencing major malfunctions and decreased pressures and flow, leading to unwanted operational effects.

Below is the complete job scope of how our Houston workshop carried out these Linde Hydraulics pump and valve repairs.

Job Scope for Linde Hydraulics Pump & Valve Repairs

  • Free Disassembly and inspection
  • Once the units were disassembled and inspected, we compiled a report and quote, which was handed to the client
  • The client approved the work and the parts are ordered/pump/valves scheduled for repairs in the workshop
  • These units required the following replacement parts:
    – rotary group
    – all bearings
    – seals
    – lens plates
    – valve spools
    – springs
    – new shipping plates/caps/plugs
  • The units were re-assembled as per OEM requirements
  • The units were tested on Alatas’ state of the art test stand
  • Units were measured for efficiency. All Linde units need to achieve 86% efficiency or better before being handed back to the customer
  • Our engineers set the units as per the hydraulic schematic provided by the client for a plug and play operation
  • The units were then painted and prepped for delivery to the customer
  • Deliverables are a full repair report and test report of the unit’s performance
  • All repairs come standard with an Alatas 1 year warranty

Our Houston workshop and others around the globe are ready to assist you with inspections and repairs. Please contact us to find out more.

The Components arrive at the Houston Wokrshop

Dissassembly and Inspection

Work Complete


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