Lifeboat Davit Wire Rope Replacement for Cruise Ship

Lifeboat Davit Wire Rope Replacement for Cruise Ship
Alatas ServiceField Service (Rigging)
Crane TypeLifeboat Davit, Rescue Boat Davit
Crane ManufacturerD-I Davit International Hische

Alatas Singapore was contracted for a wire rope replacement on a cruise ship. On 12 Life Boat stations, 6 Tender Boat stations and 2 Rescue Boat stations, the wire ropes on the davits had to be changed. Our engineer worked with the cruise ship’s captain and chief engineer to set out the following job scope.

Job Scope

  1. Ensure the lifeboat is manually secure and that the load should not be on ropes. Disconnect the electric connections for the lifeboat.
  2. Secure the lifeboat with slings and D-shackles for additional safety
  3. Tie up the safety line to hook up the safety belt in between both arms.
  4. Rope removal: ensure the wire rope is slack and secure the suspension cylinder, and remove the pin.
  5. Slack the winch and coil up the rope.
  6. Remove the rope from the winch fixing point and connect the guide rope.
  7. Pull out both ropes together.
  8. Connect new wire rope to the guide rope and pull up the same way. Fix the new rope to the winch.
  9. Rotating table for easy perusal
  10. Pneumatic rope greasing
  11. Fix the pin with grease and adjust the equal tension on both ropes by sliding the pulley and launch the lifeboat.


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