Lifeboat Davit Winch Repair Singapore

Alatas ServiceField Service, Afloat Repairs
Crane TypeTsuji Lifeboat Davit
Crane ModelTO-EB 4.012- 3.7
EquipmentLifeboat Winch and Gearbox

For this lifeboat davit winch repair job in Singapore, a customer had recently installed lifeboat winches manufactured by Tsuji Heavy Industries. Both the port and starboard lifeboat winches were not operating as they should so Alatas Singapore was contacted to take a look.

Inspection findings

An Alatas deck machinery engineer carried out a thorough assessment onboard the client’s vessel. They found the internal main drive gears and related drive gears of the gearbox units had seized. This had a knock-on effect causing further damage to cover plates and assembly bearings.

Our solution

We proposed that both Port and STBD lifeboats be removed from the vessel and offloaded to Alatas workshop where we could repair the gearboxes. Our workshop in Singapore is highly-equipped with specialist tools and equipment and a wide range of engineering services on offer.

Job Scope for lifeboat davit winch repair in Singapore

  1. An Alatas afloat repair team were attended onboard along with tools, certified rigging gears and proper equipment.
  2. Lifeboat secured and removed the winch wire ropes from the winch units.
  3. Following our own rigging plan and tools and equipment, the lifeboats and winches were removed as per our rigging plan. Lifeboat winches offloaded from the vessel using provision cranes to carry out the further overhaul at the Alatas workshop.
  4. Transported the lifeboat winches to the workshop.
  5. Our workshop technicians disassembled the whole winch components in our workshop.
  6. All damaged main drive gears, driven gears, covers and winch shaft was re-manufactured at our engineering workshop as per manufacturer specifications and precision dimensions.
  7. Reassembled winches using newly manufactured items.
  8. Afloat repair team rejoined the vessel with overhauled lifeboat winches.
  9. Winches were lifted in, aligned and positioned with base mountings as outlined in our rigging plan.
  10. Winches overload tested using the lifeboats. 

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