KGW-Luzhou Hoist Winch Gearbox Replacement

KGW-Luzhou Hoist Winch Gearbox Replacement

Alatas Service: Field Service
Location: Singapore
Manufacturer: KGW-Luzhou 
Model: EH 3028-2

In this KGW-Luzhou hoist winch gearbox replacement project, the client’s vessel was equipped with four SWL 30 ton EH 3028-2 deck crane units.

Crane-4 was out of order due to very heavy leakage from the hoist winch gearbox. To have the crane operational at the next loading port, Crane-3’s hoist winch was to be installed onto Crane-4. The work of the change of hoist winch gearbox was to be carried out at Singapore anchorage using a floating crane.

Crane-3 also needed attention as it had suffered an accident due to a broken luffing wire rope, and the crane boom had collapsed and smashed onto the motor grab. Both the damaged crane jib and motor grab had to be offloaded for steel repairs at the onshore Alatas workshop.

Alatas Singapore was entrusted with the repairs, sorting the staging, the floating crane, equipment and tools, Alatas’ experienced Deck Machinery Repair Squad lead by one of our Senior Marine Crane Engineers, carried out the job on an around the clock basis to deliver on the agreed timeframe.

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