KGW-Luzhou Deck Crane Repairs

GW-Luzhou deck crane repairs
Alatas ServiceField Service
Crane TypeDeck Crane
Crane ManufacturerKGW-Luzhou
Crane ModelEH 3028-2 – SWL 30T x 28M
EquipmentRope Winch, Gearbox

Alatas Singapore was contracted to carry out KGW-Luzhou deck crane repairs aboard a bulk carrier vessel. The EH 3028-2 model cranes we attended were prototypes built by Chinese manufacturer KGW Luzhou Machine Co, Nanjing and have only been equipped to a limited number of ships.

This rare crane model frequently experiences breakdowns which are caused by either a malfunctioning crane control system with sensor and PLC faults, or problems with its hydraulics.

For our client, the issue was a damaged rope winch and a collapsed planetary gearbox which was caused during a stop at a previous port. The owner arranged outside contractors to dismantle and remove the damaged rope winch out of the crane and tasked Alatas Singapore to fit a new gearbox and reinstall the rope winch and all assorted hydraulic components.

Even with rare cranes such as the KGW-Luzhou EH 3028-2, Alatas has the relevant expertise and experience to ensure that repairs like this one carried out successfully and on time.

Job Scope

  • Assemble gearbox into hoisting rope winch on deck
  • Arrange rigging, lift-up and install rope winch back to the winch frame inside the crane.
  • Install back hydraulic motor, valves, fittings and hoses
  • Perform function testing and reeve wire rope
  • Adjust hoisting encoder and limit switches
  • Carry out waterbag load testing

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