Jib and Tower Repairs for IHI Deck Crane in South Carolina

Jib and Tower Repairs for IHI deck crane in South Carolina
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationCharleston, South Carolina, USA
Equipment Type Ship Crane

A client called in Alatas Americas Field Service team to perform jib and tower repairs for an IHI deck crane in South Carolina. Aboard one of the client’s vessels, there was extensive damage on this IHI 300190-260 deck crane, which required our Field Service technicians to remove damaged sections and weld in new sections along with testing to get the crane back into operation.

Job Scope

Our technicians began by storing the boom section safely with proper support and levelling to minimise stresses and deformations in the main chord. Then the team removed the paint at a minimum of 200mm around the cutting area.
Before cutting, steel angles were tack welded around the damaged section as needed to prevent the deformation of the boom.

They then cut out the damaged boom chord section and damaged tower section according to our drawings. The technicians made the cuts and then ground the surfaces flat.
Tack welded of the replacement parts and welded parts according to repair drawings welding requirements and sample WPS SMAW.

After finishing the final welding, the team took out the anti-deformation steel angles, MPI and shear wave followed by a 35t structural load test with class surveyor present.


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