IHI-Wuhan Ship Crane Troubleshooting

Mitsubishi crane hydraulic repair
Alatas ServiceField Service
Crane ManufacturerIHI-WUHAN
Crane ModelHVGL-DSS, p/n 5110417 R

For this IHI-Wuhan ship crane troubleshooting, Alatas Singapore had received a distress call from a stricken bulker carrying out cargo operation in Singapore waters. Deck Crane 4 of the vessel was losing performance being unable to lift a full grab. The IHI-Wuhan crane troubleshooting was in case of a possible equipment replacement.

Alatas arranged an emergency crane service attending overnight to investigate the hoisting vibrations. Our team determined the hydraulic hoist motor (type HVLG-DSS) was damaged, as evident by Teflon & metal parts in the hydraulic filter insert.

A replacement motor, p/n 5110417 R, was sourced and supplied Alatas’ own stock and then installed. The crane then was successfully load tested with the full grab and the crane was handed over for cargo operation late night on the next day.

Another successful service attendance by Alatas made possible due to competent crane engineers and a well-equipped crane spare parts stock.


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