IHI SS30T-28M Boom Repair

Alatas ServicesField Service, Workshop Repairs
LocationMiddle East
Crane ManufacturerIHI
Crane ModelSS30T-28M

The Alatas Ship Engineering Services team based in the Middle East oversaw this IHI SS30T-28M boom repair job. The inspection and welding took place in April 2020. 

Aboard one of our client’s vessels was an IHI SS30T-28M crane. Its boom hoist wire rope had failed to cause the boom to free fall and collide with the vessel’s open hatch covers.

Upon first glance during troubleshooting, the boom seemed to be unrepairable.

However the Alatas Worldwide Engineering team came up with a solution to avoid scrapping the entire boom.

The experience of our engineers meant the full boom repair procedure they submitted including material specifications, risk assessment and method statements was approved by the Class NK.

Job Scope for IHI SS30T-28M Boom Repair

Please take a look at our full scope of work and gallery below.

  • Preparation of the repair procedure and submitting to Class NK for approval 
  • Sourcing and bending of the material within the local market Middle Eastern market
  • The boom was removed from the crane by the vessel’s crew during voyage. Upon arrival at Fujairah anchorage, the boom was transported from the vessel to an Alatas Workshop
  • Removal and replacement of all the damaged sections as per the procedure
  • NDT of all the welding works
  • Supervision of the reinstallation of the boom back to the crane at Fujairah anchorage
  • Reinstallation of the wire ropes
  • Complete inspection of the deck crane and checking the hydraulic pressures
  • Function test the crane and set the limit switches
  • Supervision of the load test the crane to +5t of the SWL
  • Carry out post-NDT of the welds. 
  • Sing over back to the client.


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