IHI Crane Motor Changeout

Alatas ServiceField Service, System Upgrades
Crane ManufacturerIHI-Wuhan
Crane ModelSS360200-280B

This IHI crane motor changeout was for Crane-3 on board our client’s vessel. An IHI-Wuhan crane (type SS360200-280B) had suffered electric burn damage to its main motor. The crane’s construction didn’t allow for the E-motor (140 kW) to pass through the normal maintenance hatch, so the urgent work had to be completed on anchorage.

The owners considered to cut an access hole into the crane body, but the attending Senior Alatas Engineer decided against this option. Instead, access through the operator cabin was elected to perform the electric motor replacement.

However, it required the removal of the operator cabin, which was carried out by Alatas’ own mechanics, utilising our supplied staging and air hoists and rigging equipment. A newly supplied motor was installed, including new chain couplings for the main pumps.

The crane then was successfully function tested in the presence of the owners’ representative. The damaged E-motor was transported to the Alatas Workshop for urgent rewinding, baking and dynamic balancing.

Another repair job carried out by Alatas Crane Specialists, on time and on budget.


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