Repairs of IHI H305185-240B Boom

Alatas Service: Field Service
Region: Singapore
Manufacturer: IHI
Model: H305185-240B

Our Singapore-based Field Service team oversaw the repairs of IHI H305185-240B that took place on a ship’s hatch cover.

Alatas was called in as the jibs of Crane-1 and Crane-3 had suffered damage to the main chords, the forward boom hinge and the first cross member. 

The boom was also distorted and its alignment was out, so an in-situ repair was not possible. Instead, the booms had to be removed from the crane and placed on top of the hatch for the full repairs to take place.

Crane Design Team plan the repairs of IHI H305185-240B boom

Design and fabrication of a customised jig were required to ensure the correct alignment of the boom hinge plates.

Alatas took on the design, fabrication and supply of the new boom legs to the vessel. We then installed the new booms onboard once they were class approved.

The repair procedure and project engineering were carried out by Alatas Crane Design. As well as the work already mentioned, the Crane Design Team also sourced the material certificates, welding procedure specification (WPS), NDT reports and dimensional reports; all of which was submitted to class and approval was granted for the repair.

The job was concluded with load testing that carried out with Alatas supplied waterbags.

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