Hydraulic Motor Repairs Art Shipyard

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationArt Shipyard, Turkey
Crane ManufacturerKrupp Forder
Crane ModelK40T-28M
Equipment TypeHydraulic Motors

Alatas Turkey was contracted to carry out hydraulic motor repairs and the renewal of sealing and o-rings for a Krupp Forder K40T-28M ship crane. The client called in our engineers to the shipyard at Art to repair the slewing gearbox brake system for the Krupp Forder crane which had an oil leakage. The slew gears were also under-oiled and rusty. Additionally, the o-rings on the hose connection fittings of the pumps and blocks on the main gearbox were also causing oil leakages.

Our solution

The team cleaned the slew gears with oil and the oil leakage problem was eliminated once they installed the new brake cylinder. Pieces of the hydraulic motor and hoisting and luffing winch motors from Crane #1 were removed and checked. The pumps and hydro motor hoses o-rings were measured and sent to the supplier company for further work. The faulty and damaged o-rings of the pumps’ hose connections on the main gearbox of Crane #1 and Crane #2 were replaced with new ones by our engineers.

Job Scope

  1. Repair hydraulic motors sealing and o rings 
  2. Repair faulty hoses
  3. Fix control boxes 
  4. Renew slewing bearing grease 
  5. Renew the filters
  6. Regulate oil levels and where needed add oil


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