Hydraulic Luffing Cylinder Overhaul

Alatas ServiceWorkshop Repairs
Location Singapore
Crane TypeElectro-Hydraulic Hose Handling
Crane ManufacturerConcrane
Crane ModelC1X150/24

The customer brought their Concrane C1X150/24 to our fully equipped workshop for a hydraulic luffing cylinder overhaul.

Their electro-hydraulic hose handling crane needed its Ø230/160/3590 luffing cylinder attending to as a top priority.

Our team of specialists quickly assessed the faulty equipment to find the upper-end clevis had been cut due to a pin lodged in the cylinder. In addition to this, the threaded section of the old clevis was found stuck inside the piston rod.

As both these fixes could not be performed on the vessel, the equipment was passed to our expert Workshop Team, who proceeded with the cylinder repairs straight away. Working the clock, this is how we delivered the crane back to operational condition.

Job Scope for Hydraulic Luffing Cylinder Overhaul

  1. The complete cylinder was successfully removed from the barrel with the use of our overhead crane and A-Frame
  2. Upon disassembly, the old clevis part was machined off and we proceed to fabricate a new clevis based on drawings
  3. The piston rod was severely corroded at the upper end over a length of approx. 200mm, repaired by stainless steel welding and grind it to size. The rod was also found bent, so it was straightened using our lathe machine in the workshop
  4. Upper and lower cylinder fix-point parts were newly fabricated such as bearing covers, spacer rings, pins and key plates
  5. Replaced all seals / Viton o-rings on the top gland, piston head and counterbalance valve blocks 
  6. Completely reassembled cylinder by installing the top gland and the piston head to the piston rod. The piston head was well secured by locking with proper lock screws. The piston rod was installed to the barrel and tightened the top gland 
  7. Carried out a pressure test on the hydraulic cylinder by fully extracting and retracting it with 350 bars and results found to be satisfactory. Descaled the paint from the cylinder barrel and re-painted it with three layer of marine-grade paint (primer, intermediate and final layer)


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