Hook Block Repairs in Jurong Port

Alatas ServiceWorkshop Repairs
LocationJurong Port, Singapore
Vessel TypeProject Cargo
Crane ManufacturerNMF
Crane ModelDK SL 400018 – 200030
Equipment TypeHook Block
Equipment Spec400 tons

Alatas Singapore was called in for hook block repairs in Jurong Port. The client’s project cargo vessel is equipped with two heavy lift NMF DK SL 400018 – 200030 cranes which, in a combined operation, can lift loads of up to 800 tons. On one of the cranes, the main block developed a bearing failure on the main sheave. It was down to Alatas to complete this large job with the hook block alone weighing a massive 7700 kg.

The vessel’s owner had already engaged a Senior Engineer from one of our competitors to attempt the repairs on board, but they could not complete the repairs successfully. When the client turned to Alatas, we sent our Workshop Manager to inspect the hook block, who subsequently discussed procedures with our workshop officers and Superintendent Engineer to take over the work.

Workshop Job Scope

  • Fabricate new pin for the rope fix-point, material S355J2G3 in accordance to the hook parts list.
  • Fabricate new spacer ring, material BC6
  • Polish the rope sheave pin and perform NDT testing on the pin
  • Arrange studs, pipes, screws and other consumables.

All work was carried out in full compliance with class rules and drop compliance for hook blocks. We provided material traceability certification and detailed repair reports to the client to make this a fully certifiable repair.


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