Hoisting Winch Troubleshooting Turkey

Alatas ServiceField Service, Workshop Repairs
LocationBosphorus Anchorage, Instanbul, Turkey
Crane TypeHydraulic Deck Crane
Crane ManufacturerFukushima
Crane SpecSWL 30T
Equipment Type Hoisting Winch

Alatas Turkey was assigned to a troubleshooting job for the hoisting winch on a 30t Fukushima hydraulic deck crane. We were called in as our client’s Crane #4 downward hoisting function was not working.

Our engineers ran checks on all hoisting parts and the hydraulic line and then dismantled the hoisting controller block and lower limit block for overhauling. After transportation, the Istanbul Alatas workshop team carried out maintenance on the hydraulic blocks and installed back onto the crane.

 1. Hoisting winch was dissembled to sent to Instanbul workshop

2. Troubleshooting invesitgation underway in workshop

3. The problem was the springs were broken from the lowering control side. Springs were replaced with new ones.

4. Connection surfaces are cleaned and new gaskets are cut from klingerit material

5. No adjustments to hoisting control block were needed but the block was cleaned with a degreaser. The control block and lower limit valve were packed and sent to the ship for assembly and repainting.


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