Hoist Winch Gearbox Repairs To Tsuji Deck Crane

Alatas ServiceField Service, Workshop Repairs
Crane ManufacturerTsuji
Crane ModelSSCHS4525-T1
Winch ManufacturerSumitomo ComPower
Winch ModelCPHFL-160A-QS-67A

Alatas Tsuji Crane Specialists were called in to perform hoist winch gearbox repairs to a Tsuji deck crane. The client’s container feeder vessel is equipped with Tsuji SSCHS4525-T1 deck cranes lifting capacity of SWL 45t at 28m and 40T at 25m radius and Crane-2 developed a hoisting problem.

Onboard Inspection and Workshop Repairs

It was determined that the planetary gearbox had seized, and the gearbox needed to be removed from the crane and sent to Alatas Engineering Workshop for a strip down and inspection.

The hoisting winch gearbox is a planetary gearbox made by Sumitomo ComPower, type CPHFL-160A-QS-67A, drawing Nr. KHA760G.

The gears were found completely smashed and a new gearbox had to be procured and installed. Alatas mobilised engineers, tools and rigging equipment to remove the damaged rope winch gearbox from the crane and installed the new gearbox.

The job to remove the hoisting winch needed careful planning, mainly because of the hoisting which is located underneath the luffing winch frame and it is further complicated because of the very limited space inside the crane house.

Also, considerations had to be made on how to lift the gearbox down to deck from the high up crane maintenance hatch.


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