Hoist Gearbox Overhaul

hoist gearbox overhaul
Alatas ServiceField Service
Equipment TypeShip Crane
Crane ManufacturerMacGregor
Crane Model K5028-4HD

A client requested Alatas Indonesia to check the hoist problem from a MacGregor K5028-4HD onboard FLF Mutiara Jawa and perform an overhaul if required.

Alatas Indonesia mobilised two marine crane engineers to troubleshoot this MacGregor K5028-4HD crane and its hoist gearbox that was suspected to be faulty. After the inspections, the Alatas engineers recommended overhauling the hoisting (holding) gearbox to check further the condition of internal parts.

After the client agreed with Alatas Indonesia’s recommendation of a hoist gear overhaul, the Alatas Indonesia engineers dismantled the hoist (holding) gearbox and found the planetary gearbox, pinion, ring gears, and bearings damaged.

The Alatas engineers immediately cleaned the components and performed minor cutting and grinding repairs to the housing. Once all overhaul work was complete, the hoist gearbox was function tested after assembly and installation of the hoist winch with good results.

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