Hoist Gearbox Change Turkey

Alatas ServiceField Service, Inspections,
LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Vessel Bulk Carrier
Crane TypeDeck Crane
Equipment TypeHoisting Gearbox

In addition to the marine crane hoisting brake troubleshooting, we recently supplied, a client also required our services for a hoist gearbox change in Turkey. An engineer from Alatas Turkey located in Istanbul attended the bulk carrier after the client contacted us via our contact form.

Within the week, an engineer was mobilised to investigate a problem with the hoist gearbox for a marine crane. Onboard the vessel, our engineer met with the Chief Engineer to agree on the job scope.

Job Scope

  • After the inspection of the hoist gearbox, Alatas suggested the unit should be replaced.  
  • The gearbox is located in the column, which means the hydromotor needed to be disassembled first. 
  • Alatas Engineer will disassemble the electric motor to remove the column parts ready for gearbox replacement.
  • Alatas Turkey worked in 2 teams (Morning & Evening ), working around the clock to finish the work as quickly as possible.
  • To ensure maximum safety, the cutting process to disassemble the motors has been carried out by the shipyard. 
  • Our engineers found that the oil had not been changed in a long time, leaving the hydromotor in bad condition. Overhaul of the hoist drum was recommended and was transferred to our Instanbul workshop to manufacture gears and were then transported back to the vessel.
  • Hoisting and luffing drums reassembled
  • Gearbox replacement carried out and Limit Switch controls, Load Tests and Hoisting and Luffing pressure value check. 
  • Complete package of testing found everything in good working order. 

If you require any assistance with your marine cranes around Turkey or anywhere else, please get in touch.


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