Hoist Brake and Limit Switch Troubleshooting

Hoist Brake and Limit Switch Troubleshooting
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationAcajutla, El Salvador
Crane TypesDeck
Crane ManufacturerTTS
Crane ModelsLB 36T 30M

Alatas Mexico was contracted for a hoist brake and limit switch troubleshooting project on a TTS LB 36T 30M. The work in Acajutla, El Salvador also included limit switch inspections and adjustments for all deck cranes aboard the client’s vessel, carried out by our Senior Field Service Technician.

The TTS LB was the #3 on the vessel and was unable to lower loads. Our client also engaged us to check settings of limit switches for cranes #1, #2 and #4 in addition to work on crane #3.

Our expert flew out to El Salvador to inspect the cranes on client’s vessel. Our Senior Field Service Technician found the potentiometer was not working correctly. When the joystick actuated for the lowering of the hook, the measured value did not change so determined it was the joystick potentiometer was to blame.

Our expert replaced the faulty hoist brake joystick before checking and adjusting to the other four deck cranes.


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