Hatch Cover Inspection

Hatch Cover Inspection
Alatas ServiceField Service
Vessel TypeHandysize Bulk Carrier
Equipment TypeHatch Cover
ManufacturerSeohae Marine
ModelFolding Hatch Cover

Alatas Singapore provided personnel for a hatch cover inspection aboard a 12-year-old handysize bulk carrier. The client requested our hatch cover expert perform a thorough hatch cover inspection and function testing for their vessel equipped with MacGregor deck cranes and a Seaohae Marine hatch cover system.

Hatch Cover Inspection Findings

The structure of this Seaohae Marine folding hatch cover features the following components:

  • Rubber packing and resting pads
  • Hatch cover wheels
  • Hatch cover control valve stand
  • Hatch cover lifting cylinders

Our Alatas hatch cover expert found all these components of the hatch cover system corroded and partially wasted. In addition to this, the HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) with 2x A10VO45 pumps had lost efficiency.

Alatas Hatch Cover Service Recommendations

After the inspection and function tests, our hatch cover specialist presented a detailed report back to the client of their findings. The report also included a comprehensive list of recommended repairs, workshop component overhauls by our Alatas engineers and a list of hatch cover spare parts available from the Alatas Parts Supply network. 

Please find out more about our hatch cover services here or Contact Us with any other questions.


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