Hatch Cover Inspection Turkey

Hatch Cover Inspection Turkey
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationÇelebi Port, Balıkesir, Turkey
Vessel TypeBulk Carrier
Equipment TypeHatch Cover

Alatas Turkey engineer attended to the vessel for the inspection of hatch covers on a bulk carrier. The hatch cover and hatch cover heels were generally in poor condition. When the hatch cover was open, the hydraulic cylinder located in the hatch cover gave off a constant sound originating from hydraulic oil circulation. And at the same time, there was an oil leakage.

The Alatas Turkey engineer also found a gap between the two covers in hatch cover #2 and recommended that the shim plate would need to be replaced with a new one.

Next, our engineer made checks on the hinge pin, and expansions and gaps were seen in the pin slots due to the corrosion. The rubber conditions were also in an extremely poor condition with cracks on the rubbers, fragmentation and permanent deformation were showing on the surfaces.

Repairs performed by our engineer team

  • Corrosions were cleaned and painted.
  • Oil leakage and sound in the hydraulic cylinder was fixed.
  • The gap between hatch cover #2 and the two covers was closed with a 4 mm washer placed on the stoppers.
  • Alatas Turkey team recommended following the slot spaces and replaced hinge pin slots.
  • Rubbers recommended to be replaced

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