Hatch Cover Repairs Indonesia

Hatch cover repairs

Alatas Service: Field Service, Workshop Repairs
Region: Indonesia
Manufacturer: TTS Hua Hai

Alatas Indonesia was requested to carry out repairs on the hydraulic cylinders of a hatch cover aboard one of their bulker vessels.  The deck machinery on the ship is manufactured by Chinese company TTS Hua Hai Ships Equipment who is a member of the TTS Marine Group. 

Two of the hatch cover cylinders on board had heavy leakage. Alatas Indonesia sent two engineers from their Merchant Shipping team which specialist hydraulic tools to see to the problems.

Expert on-site troubleshooting

The specialist engineers got to work, first dismantling the machinery to carry out a strip down inspection. After the evaluation, the engineers recommended that the cylinders be taken to an Alatas workshop to repair the deflects found on the cylinder tod and head flange.

In addition to the boom issues, wear had begun to show on the friction band brakes due to the band brakes needing to be partially engaged while lowering a heavy load. 

Our Solution for Hatch Cover Repairs

Our client agreed with our engineer’s assessment so the seals and the piston rod were replaced with minimal downtime. The flange head was installed back to the hydraulic cylinder onto the hatch cover and all associated hydraulic hoses and fittings were also reinstalled. 

To complete the job our engineers tested the open-and-close operation of the hatch cover cylinder which were successful, with no leaks found and the temperature of machinery normal.

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Strip Down Inspection

Reinstallation and Testing


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