Hatch Cover Component Repairs

Alatas ServiceAfloat Repairs, Workshop Repairs
Vessel TypeHandysize Bulk Carrier
Equipment TypeFolding Type Hatch Cover
ManufacturerSeaohae Marine

Alatas Hatch Cover Engineers recently led hatch cover component repairs on a handysize bulk carrier with a Seaohae Marine Hatch Cover System. This job demonstrates our cross-function services working together to deliver for our customer and keep their operations going.

Our Hatch Cover Engineer from Alatas Singapore carried out a hatch covert survey and determined that the hatch cover’s cylinders, control valves, and hydraulic power unit pumps were worn, corroded and partially leaking.

After our engineer’s inspections, an afloat repair team from Alatas was mobilised to dismantle the hatch cover’s hydraulic components and sent them to the nearby Alatas workshop ashore for repairs and reconditioning.

Our Workshop Team Take OVer

Our workshop team then overhauled and pressure tested the dismantled components, then re-installed them before all the hatch cover operations were function tested. After our expert hatch cover component repairs, the hydraulics is now set for another ten years of trouble-free operation.

Alatas carried out the repairs around the clock, utilising day and night shift teams, both onboard and in our workshop, meaning the repair time and the client’s downtime was kept to an absolute minimum.

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