Handysize Bulk Carrier Hatch Cover Inspection

Handysize Bulk carrier hatch cover inspection
Alatas ServiceField Service, Afloat Repairs
LocationTuzla Shipyard, Turkey
Vessel TypeHandysize Bulk Carrier
Equipment TypeFolding Type Hatch Cover

A handysize bulk carrier docked at Tuzla shipyard, Turkey, required an inspection for its hatch covers manufactured by IWAKITEC. Alatas Turkey sent an experienced engineer to attend the handysize bulker as part of Alatas’ global Merchant Shipping Field Services.

During the IWAKITEC hatch cover inspection, the Alatas Turkey engineer noted the unpainted equipment and external metal parts. Due to a lack of oil, the metal parts showed high levels of corrosion, with more evidence of breakdown on every part of the folding hatch cover’s wheel system and wheel stopper.

Our hatch cover expert then cited an oil leak on the hydraulic cylinder and a gap at the bottom of the hinge end socket with the pin also moving. Further observations from the engineer determined that they needed to replace the cleat system and renew the sealing equipment.

Alatas Repair Soultions

  • All equipment and external metal parts were cleaned and painted
  • Corrosion on the metal parts and the wheel system were cleaned
  • Oil leak on the hydraulic cylinder was fixed
  • Gap on the hinge end was fixed and pin movement was stopped
  • Cleat system was changed.
  • Sealing equipment was renewed.
  • After checking the pump pressure, the vessel was good to go

We pride ourselves on the adaptability of our Merchant Shipping services to keep our client’s operations running smoothly. If you require assistance regarding your hatch covers or anything else, please Contact Us to find out more.


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