Fleet Overhaul and Upgrade Docking Periods

Container Vessel Crane Inspection and Parts
Alatas ServiceField Service, Inspections, Parts Supply
LocationZhoushan, China
Vessel TypeContainer Vessel
Crane TypeShip Cranes
Crane ManufacturerMacGregor
Crane ModelsGL4528.5/4031-2

To begin work of this fleet overhaul and upgrade docking periods, Alatas UK carried out investigative crane surveys on several of CMA CGM’s AFRICA fleet’s ships docked in Zhoushan shipyard, China.

Our surveys found that the slewing bearings and booms of all the MacGregor ship cranes (models GL4528.5/4031-2 and GL3031.8-2) aboard the AFRICA fleet were badly corroded and required replacement parts such as hydraulic pumps and motors, brakes and display screens.

Corrosion of Slew Bearing and Fasteners

Using the information gathered from this inspection and reports from the other vessels in the fleet, Alatas UK began to work with the ship-owners to identify the full extent of the work. Alatas UK offered the client a bespoke turnkey management system to deliver the job scope below and the parts needed to overhaul the MacGregor ship cranes and return them to a good working condition.

Job Scope

  • Remove and replace wire ropes
  • Remove, blast, NDT, weld repair (where required), paint and install boom
  • Blasting and painting of crane housing
  • Inspect and replace sheaves and bearings and pins
  • Remove and replace slew bearings
  • Machining of crane house and pedestal flanges
  • Replace pumps, motors and brakes
  • Inspect and replace hoses
  • Hook block overhauls
  • Replace HMI, wiper systems, AC systems and floodlights
  • General crane servicing (replacing oil, cleaning system, greasing etc.)
  • Function test electrics and hydraulics
  • Load test crane

New parts supplied and installED by alatas

The proposed job scope required a large number of spare parts to overhaul these worn container vessel cranes. As a result, and due to the tight docking schedule of the AFRICA fleet’s four vessels, Alatas UK utilised their extensive global supply chains and local offices to keep downtime to a minimum.

Alatas UK based the overhaul operation from Alatas Hong Kong, the Alatas offices local to the Zhoushan shipyard. Alatas Hong Kong personnel assisted with overhauling the hydraulic units while Alatas Shanghai performed service work and arranged local parts procurement.

Despite the short turnaround times and potential delays due to COVID, the turnkey management programme delivered by a collaborative effort between Alatas UK, Hong Kong, and Shanghai meant the following spares were successfully overhauled and installed for CMA CGM.

Parts and Install List

  • Slew bearings and fasteners (including class certification)
  • Boom foot and sheave pins
  • Sheaves with bearings
  • Wiper motors blades and arms
  • Filters
  • Hoisting, luffing and slewing gearbox brake packs
  • Hydraulic motors and pumps (2 sets of new, 2 sets of overhauls)
  • Floodlights
  • Air conditioning units
  • Crane HMI systems (new units, repairs, reprogramming)

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