Five-Yearly Load Tests

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Alatas Indonesia was assigned to a client’s vessel to carry out a five-yearly load test package on their cargo vessel. The work covered all cranes onboard the vessel, including:

2x Monorail crane
2x Provision crane
2x Engine Room crane
2x Gangway

Before any load testing began, Alatas Indonesia sent one of their experienced service engineers to attend a safety meeting at PSA with the Captain and CE to discuss the job scope and conduct a toolbox talk and risk assessment.

The client’s cranes were due their five-yearly load tests. All the cranes: the Monorail, Provision, Engine Room and Accommodation Ladder and Gangways the were manufactured by Oriental. The Alatas service engineer performed the load tests with details as instructed by a DNV surveyor.

All load test has been carried out successfully in the presence of DNV surveyor. Here are the results for each crane:

Crane TypeSWL (T)Test Load (T)
1Monorail Crane (MAIN)12.515.625
2Monorail Crane (AUX)1.51.875
3Provision Crane (PORT)45
4Provision Crane (STBD)45
5Engine Room Crane (FWD)12.515.625
6Engine Room Crane (AFT)12.515.625
7Gangway (STBD)0.71 at 0°~55°2.18
8Gangway (PORT)0.71 at 0°~55°2.18

All cranes were function tested after the load tests to make sure working well after the load test, and all operations of the cranes were normal.
Both Accommodation Ladder and Gangways completed the load test with bolster bags, each 375 kgs.

If you require five-yearly load tests for your crane operations anywhere in the world, please Contact Us.

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