Engine Room Crane Troubleshooting Borusan Port

Engine Room Crane Troubleshooting Borusan Port
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationBorusan Port, Gemlik, Bursa, Turkey
Equipment TypeEngine Room Crane

Engineers from Alatas Turkey attended the client’s vessel in Boursan Port, Gemlik for this engine room crane troubleshooting job. Our client had reported Crane #1 moving faster due to faulty brakes and the bearings moving on the rail were damaged.

Our engineers repaired and renewed the damaged bearings and carried out tests with and without loads. The client’s chief and second engineers then ran their own tests to find the crane was in good condition and working well.

 Damaged bearings were detected and replaced with new ones

Adjustments to balancing bearings on walking rails of crane

Cranes tested with and without load by engineers


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